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Lessons on the building blocks of music theory for popular scales, chords, and chord progressions.

Get started with the basics of music theory & learn the intervals & scales that make up popular music.

Widen your musical range by learning how to apply intervals & scales to all the major & minor keys.

Add some ‘exotic’ flavour to your music by exploring the modes of the major scale.

Learn how to create the most common types of chords using groups of intervals.

A quick and easy approach to building chords in any major or minor key with roman numerals.

Keep music flowing with popular chord progressions to apply to your songwriting.

Borrow & substitute chords from related scales & keys for crafting unique chord progressions.

Add variety to your songwriting with these 8 tried and true methods for easy key changes.

Use Pentatonic & Blues Scales to effortlessly create melodies & solos just like the pros!

Practically apply music theory to create memorable melodies over chords and progressions.

Jam Pages - Available Now!

Jam Pages is a downloadable PDF eBook of music theory cheat sheets for every major & minor key, to help you quickly find the right next note, chord, or progression when jamming or practicing.

Music Theory Cheat Sheet - Jam Pages